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Do you need Ayurveda Doctor's Consultation?

We offer online and offline Ayurveda consultation for joint problems, GIT related diseases, Neuro & muscular diseases, Geriatrics, Paediatric ailments, Lifestyle disorders, Viral and Bacterial infections, Skin diseases, Gynaecological disorders, Obesity management & Stress management

Instructions & Terms for Online Consultation

Patients should register by clicking and filling the "Register Now" button given below. Fill in all the required fields. After completing the form, our team will get in touch with you through Email/Whatsapp.

After getting the confirmation from our team you can proceed with the payment by clicking the "Pay Here" button. Only after the completion of your payment, your appointment will be confirmed. 

We may ask you to upload your medical history /medical reports before your appointment to serve you better.

All your medical records will be kept confidential and will not be put on any public platform without your prior permission.

Baby with Stethoscope

Offline Consultation

Schedule your appointment (Kochi, Kerala) 

Whatsapp -  +919605081828

Email  -

Online Consultation

 ₹ 250

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