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Sodhana Chikitsa or elimination therapy is employed when the vitiation of body constituents is extensive to such an amount that the elimination of these toxins from the body is inevitable for the smooth functioning of the body. Depending upon the site of localization of vitiated components and the type of component vitiated, the route of elimination is selected. The various types are:

  • Vamana: Emesis, indicated when there is a predominance of Kapha dosha

  • Virechana: Purgation, especially done when pitta dosha is vitiated

  • Vasthi: Administration of medicine via rectum and elimination also via the rectal route. A very powerful therapy that is best to eliminate vitiated excess Vata dosha.

  • Nasya: Administration of medicine via nose and elimination via nasal route, employed for diseases of head and neck.

  • Raktha moksha: Elimination of vitiated blood or bloodletting

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